A hotel dedicated to the universal literature of the sea.

The Hotel Bela Fisterra is a unique place; a space created from the most beautiful texts ever written about the sea. It is a design hotel that is based on the universal literature of the sea to build its entire identity. In addition to nature and comfort, here you will find yourself surrounded by art and literature. A unique experience where sea, beauty and tranquillity intermingle.


Each space at Bela Fisterra refers to authors and works that at some point in their careers paid their own particular tribute to the sea. In the hotel, you will find that each room is dedicated to a specific work and author, thus turning each of the rooms into genuine and unique spaces.


Bela Fisterra has developed a new type of "literary hotel", as it is the first hotel of this category in Galicia. It is a space dedicated to literature, the sea and nature, where you will find the inspiration and rest you are looking for.


In order for you to get more information about each of our spaces, in each room you will find a QR code with which you can access our app. This app has been developed so that the visitor has access to the complete texts on which each of our spaces is based, as well as a complete biography of the corresponding author.