As a cape, Finisterre is completely surrounded by sea and beaches of exceptional quality. Some of the beaches are open sea, with strong swells, and are very appropriate for surfing, and others provide calm and crystalline waters with fine-grain white sands.


Among them, the most outstanding are:

The beach of Langosteira, one of the largest beaches in A Costa da Morte, almost 3km long. This is the most visited beach in the municipality, and undoubtedly the most visited of the entire region. It is frequently awarded a blue flag and offers a multitude of services: trekking routes, an abundance of natural resources such as the longueirón, spectacular views of the town Finisterre and access ramps for disabled people.

Talon beach is also noteworthy. From there, you will be able to see Cape Finisterre. The sand is of the highest quality and has crystalline and calm waters. The beach of Corveiro, at the foot of the Church of Our Lady of the Sands is a natural paradise for those who enjoy diving. The beaches of Ribeira, Sardiñeiro, Mar de Fóra, Arnela and Rostro (the longest beach in the area at more than 3km long, but also the most dangerous and one of the most beautiful) are also outstanding.


Festivals and celebrations are an all-encompassing part of Galician culture, and, as would be expected, play an important part in Fisterra’s culture. First mention must go to the “Entroido de Finisterre” (the carnival of Finisterre), which has been held from the early twentieth century onwards. It is characterized by its comparsas that sing traditional carnival songs and interpret theatrical parodies that satirise local and State politics.

Holy Week in Finisterre, also known as Festas do Santo Cristo, is undoubtedly the major local celebration. The town hosts the most important celebration of Holy Week in Galicia, and combined with Ferrol and Viveiro creates Festivals of National Tourist Interest.


The Festa da Praia is celebrated on the beach at Langosteira during the last weekend of July, and is a time to enjoy live music, food stalls, dancing … The Festa do Longueirón is also an important gastronomic festival going back almost twenty years, which promotes the culinary jewel of Finisterre: the longueirón

Fisterra also celebrates the Festa Folk na Fin do Camiño, an event of great importance for the town that has been held for the last ten years. The aim of the festival is to highlight that this municipality is the end of the path since time immemorial. It takes place during the third weekend of August. And a month later, in September, the “Festas patronales e da Nosa Señora do Carme” is celebrated, consisting of a procession and a floral offering to the Virgin of the Sands (the patron saint of the village). Finally, the “Fiestas del Buen Suceso” are celebrated around the capilla del Buen Suceso in honour of this virgin.